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Robert B. Ramirez Jr., is the lead attorney at the firm and has been a licensed attorney in Florida since 1999 .  With over 40 years of legal experience- and offices in Cape Coral FL., Punta Gorda, FL., Naples, Florida, Marco Island, Fort Myers. Sarasota, Arcadia and Chicago/Glenview, Illinois.  

Robert Ramirez can help you with ALL of your legal needs. You can call Mr. Ramirez directly  at (239) 687-6633 or 847-724-5582.


We're TOUGH  when we need to be... but know how to successfully negotiate differences for our clients AND potentially save you from endless on-going legal fees. 

We are straight shooter's - We listen to you and then discuss all of your legal options upfront. We provide our clients with personal attention, and can be contacted directly 7 days a week.

Our goal is to provide our clients with personal attention. We provide legal services tailored to your needs. When you call, you speak to the partner and not to an associate or paralegal. We listen and can help you through tough times.


1994 U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit

1995 U.S. Supreme Court
1999 U..S. Middle District of Florida
1983, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois
1999 Florida
1983 Illinois

Family Law

Are you looking to hire a family law attorney?  Perhaps you need help understanding a complex legal issue? At Robert B. Ramirez, P.C, we understand that finding the right attorney can often be as hard as winning a legal case,  especially when it comes to finding an attorney that is able to address your unique concerns. This is why we aim to provide professional services that are customized to the direct needs of our clients. Whether we need to work with a client's unique schedule, meeting with them during evenings or weekends or give them the tools they need to resolve complicated issues that may arise within their household, our legal team is here to help.

When a client comes into our office, there is only one thing that we can be certain of: that their
situation and needs will be as equally unique and important as any other case we have handled.
By Utilizing the diverse experience of our family law attorney -with over 30 years of experience -we have the capability to service the complex needs of our clients. This includes, but is not limited to:
Family law- Contested divorce ,Uncontested divorce , Child support & custody, Division of assets , Alimony
-Domestic violence ,Adoptions &  Prenuptial agreements.


 If you are arrested and charged with a crime it can be an overwhelming experience. We are here to make sure this event is minimized, especially when this is your first arrest. Suddenly you find yourself thrust into a world you never imagined existed or you never imagined you would be part of.  You would be subject to indignities you never thought you would experience in your lifetime. We will work to minimize stress levels and trauma associated with your arrest. We at Robert B. Ramirez, P.C. can be there for you to answer your legal criminal questions and aggressively defend your criminal case.

A criminal conviction of a crime could get you deported if you are not a citizen of this country. It could block your immigration to become a citizen or personal resident in this country. Every criminal case is different. We at Robert B. Ramirez, P.C. will strive to minimize the effect of a criminal case on your life and future. If you want to put your criminal case behind you and move on with your life call Robert B. Ramirez.

We practice in the felony and misdemeanor areas of law. The following Misdemeanor cases have been handled by Mr. Ramirez: D.U.I., Disorderly Conduct, Disorderly intoxication, Obstructing justice, Shoplifting, Trespass, Criminal Mischief; Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Prostitution offenses Soliciting, Indecent Exposure, False Report of a crime, Peti Theft, Possession of Drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Loitering and Prowling.

The following Felony cases have been handled by Mr. Ramirez: Grand Theft, Probation Violations, Battery on a Law Enforcement officer, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Possession of Drugs, Drug Trafficking, Sale of Drugs, Manufacturing drugs, Burglary, Robbery Offenses, Concealed Firearms, Sexual Battery, Kidnapping, Homicide and other felonies.

Call today for a consultation concerning your case. Don't wait to get legal help. Call us today so we can immediately negotiate on your behalf, the sooner we get started  we can start to prepare your defense  and using an  experienced criminal defense attorney  immediately is your best option. 


We can help you...

Are you dreading answering your phone because you fear it is another creditor calling? Are you being harassed by bill collectors? Are you losing sleep because of overwhelming debt problems in your life?

 Don't face your creditors alone. Fight back. Just call Robert B. Ramirez, P.C. to speak with him concerning debt relief for your specific situation.

If you have car repossession problems, or mortgage debt, or credit card debt you may qualify for a Chapter 7 discharge of all your debt AND OBTAIN A NEW FRESH START...You may also be able to keep all or most of your property under the Florida Exemption statutes in a Chapter 7 case or do a personal reorganization of your debt in a Chapter  13 Bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is a payment plan over time to partially repay a small portion of your debt. Due to the economic climate as it is, we understand that many families, individuals and businesses are faced with tough decisions and may fall behind on their obligations due to the loss of a job, disability caused by medical reasons or extenuating circumstances. When it seems as though you have no where else to turn, you can rely on our professionalism and experience to guide you through the Bankruptcy Process. Serving Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, DeSoto & Cook counties, Robert B. Ramirez, P.C, will use his 34 years of experience to battle your creditors and aggressively protect your legal rights to protect you, your family and everything else you've worked so hard to achieve. Get a fresh start and debt relief to get your life back on the right track! 

We are a debt-relief agency and help people and entities file for bankruptcy relief under the United States bankruptcy code. WE CAN HELP STOP harassing phone calls, Wage Garnishments, Vehicle Repossession, Foreclosure, Credit Cards, Foreclosures Lawsuits, Judgments, Business Loans Debt, Consolidation, Garnishments, Medical Bills, Credit Repair, Repossessions, Guarantees, Cosigner's debt.

The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 made drastic changes pertaining to  requirements and eligibility standards, now more than ever you will need an experienced lawyer at your side to assist you. Why take chances with your future? Trust us to provide you with the best legal Bankruptcy services.

Probate, Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

The Law Offices of Robert B. Ramirez, P.C is a Southwest Florida Wills, Trusts, Estates, Estate Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Elder Law and Probate Law Firm. We primarily assist clients in Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota and Collier Counties, however, we also represent clients throughout the country who have family or property in Southwest Florida. We look forward to serving your legal needs.

Estate Planning is the process whereby a person develops a plan and prepares documents to conserve, protect, and distribute estate assets before and after death for the benefit of loved ones and charities, taking Into consideration the effect of state and federal tax and administrative laws and regulations. It can also involve planning for the use of your assets for your care if you become unable to manage your affairs during your lifetime.

If you own a home, have savings, or own any goods such as a cars or furniture, then you have an estate. Planning for the future will affect the financial security of those you love. If you don't plan for what happens to your estate upon your death, the government will make those decisions for you.

You should have an estate plan if:
you care about who inherits your property;
you care about your health care treatment;
you are the parent of minor or disabled children; and/or
you want to avoid the public proceedings of a possible guardianship and/or probate.

How We Can Help You: FanUfy Wealth Preservation Strategies:
At the Law Offices Robert B. Ramirez, P.C., we know that your estate is a reflection of years of hard work; careful planning and good decisions. That's why we dedicate considerable time to design plans that are tailored to meet your unique needs and help ensure a secure future for those closest to you. We provide practical solutions to estate planning and asset protection concerns to accomplish our clients' wishes, including maintaining management and control of their estate, while at the same time avoiding probate and protecting family members, ensuring their financial privacy, obtaining peace of mind and avoiding unnecessary taxes. We understand that every estate, regardless of size, is important.

With an advanced Master of Law in Estate Planning training in an LL.M. program, Florida Estate Planning attorney and Wills, Trusts and Estates lawyer, Mr. Ramirez handles all aspects of estate planning, including creating wills and trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, warranty deeds and pre-nuptial/ post-nuptial agreements, business planning,  asset protection planning, wealth preservation planning, planning for incapacity and disability. 

Real Estate Law

Mr. Ramirez has also represented sellers and buyers in real  estate transactions, residential and commercial, valued in excess of $300 Million Dollars. We have represented first-time home buyers, multi-family investors and seasoned developers. No matter who the client may be, we will provide you with the same personal attention and experience, from contracting to closing, to guarantee that your real estate transaction is closed efficiently and without delay.

Mr. Ramirez is also a licensed and practicing real estate broker who, combined with his legal training and experience, can provide you with the greatest skill and insight in reviewing and/or preparing your real estate contracts and disclosures and in negotiating the purchase price, prorations and closing credits.

For Landlords:
At the Law Office of Robert B. Ramirez, our primary objective is always to expedite the eviction process for the client. We do this by making sure that the proper procedures are followed, so as to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Many times, Landlords that represent themselves in Court waste valuable time and expense by failing to use the proper Termination Notice form or failing to serve it in accordance with the statutory requirements. Common mistakes are also often made on the court pleadings and/or the eviction Order involving the proper party names or occupants named as defendants. Mistakes like these will usually result in the dismissal of your case and the unnecessary loss of valuable time and the costs associated with it, including the continued loss of rent, costs to re-file the case and costs re-serve the tenant.

Unfortunately, many tenants are all-too familiar with the court procedures from involvement in prior evictions or receiving pro bono advice and know how to “game” the system*. For these reasons, it is crucial that the landlord retain the services of a lawyer who is intimately familiar with the workings of the Lee County , Collier Charlotte County or Cook County Court system. We have been fighting and advocating exclusively on behalf of landlords for many years and can assist you in avoiding these type of delays.

The legal services we provide to Landlords include:

Reviewing the Lease and any other relevant documents, records & notices;
Preparing the appropriate Termination Notice (5-Day, 10-Day, 30-Day);
Ensuring that the Termination Notice is properly served, in accordance with current case law and statutory requirements;
Drafting the Complaint & Summons;
Filing the Complaint & Summons with the Clerk of the Court and Sheriff;
Ensuring that service of the Complaint & Summons have been completed by the Sheriff or, otherwise, taking the necessary steps to serve by a licensed Special Process Server or by Publication (Sheriff’s Posting);
Preparing for and attending Court hearings with all the necessary documents, notices and records; hyper-links to forms to be provided on website
Meeting with and negotiating a possible settlement with the tenant which would be beneficial to the Landlord in timing and/or limiting exposure to any potential liability.
In cases where settlement cannot be reached, preparing for Trial and obtaining an Order for Possession (i.e. Eviction Order) and money Judgment for unpaid rent and court costs;
Filing the Order for Possession with the Sheriff for enforcement;
*In certain cases in which the tenant attempts to prolong the eviction proceeding by requesting endless continuances or by the filing of a Jury Demand, we will routinely file a Motion for Use and Occupancy, in which case the Judge will order the tenant to pay rent during the pendency of the case. In many cases were the tenant willfully refuses to pay the Court-ordered rent, we are then able to have an Order for Possession entered as a sanction for the tenant’s violation of the Court Order.

For Sellers/Buyers:
If you are selling or purchasing real estate, either residential, multi-family or commercial, in Chicago or the suburban Cook County area, we can assist you in ensuring that your closing is handled efficiently and expeditiously.

We have personally represented buyers & sellers in real estate closings valued at over $300 Million throughout the past 34+ years. In many such transactions, even the most sophisticated seller or buyer can become overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and the many requirements that are necessary to complete a closing in Illinois.

However, for a low flat-fee, we will guide you through this often complex process and deal with the other parties' brokers, attorneys, lenders, appraisers, inspectors and surveyors.

For Sellers, we can even prepare a Power of Attorney for you, so that you don't have to attend the closing. We will provide you with all the paperwork in advance of the closing for your review and we can even Wire the closing funds to your bank account.

Our low flat-fee rates include all of the customary legal services you would expect, but unlike many other law firms who do not concentrate in real estate, we can also provide you the best insights and advice that will make the process run smoothly and will maximize your net sales proceeds.

Put our years of experience to work for you. Call our office today or just fill-out the "Ask a Question" form on this website and receive a free phone consultation.

Practice Areas:
Residential Evictions - Residential Landlord Tenant
Commercial Evictions - Commercial Landlord Tenant
Real Estate Closings - Residential & Commercial (Seller & Buyer)
Condominium Closings & Litigation
Business Sales & Contract Review
Commercial Leases drafting & review (Landlord & Tenant);
Real Estate Contract & Lease Negotiation
Commercial Real Estate Litigation
Property Manager Representation
Land Trusts Formation & Administration
Premises Liability-Injury Law
Real Property Insurance Claims
Title Insurance & Claims
Commercial Property Accidents
Escrow Deposit Disputes
Partition Actions
Real Estate Broker - Procuring Cause Cases
Real Estate Broker Litigation
Quiet Title Actions

Business Law


Operating a company in today's challenging legal environment is rarely easy,but our firm can offer its assistance to guide you through these issues. The law office of Robert B. Ramirez offers flexible appointment  options, to make it easier to talk with an attorney regarding your Business Law issue.  

We help and advise clients on forming Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships. We also help clients buy and sell businesses. We can draft buy-out agreements or resolve conflicts between  the parties involved.

While we aim to settle legal problems out of court, we do offer trial  services iin those situations where we feel it's justified. Seeking our help Is an easy process because we offer:
A free initial consultation and Flexible appointments scheduled around YOUR life. 


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